Set up your Video On Demand store


To set up your Video On Demand Store, click Video On Demand on the left-side navigation bar.

There are 2 steps to setting up the Video On Demand portion of your Online Store:
1. Add my videos
2. VOD Settings

Add my videos
1. Click the blue “Add my videos” button on the top right of the page.
2. Drag & drop the video file you wish to add to your Video on Demand store.
3. Use the Browse & Select function to choose the video to be uploaded.

Depending on the size of your video, it may quite some time to upload, depending on the size of your file and your internet speed.

(Please turn off sleep mode on your computer while uploading bulk videos. If the computer enters sleep mode the uploading will stop and you will need to start any unfinished videos over. )

4. After the desired video has been uploaded and its File Status is “Complete”, proceed to next step.

5. Click the Video’s corresponding Edit button.
6. Enter the video's basic information:

  • Enter the video Title.
  • Enter the Author of the video.
  • Enter the desired Description.
  • Enter the Tags associated with the video.
  • Select a Thumbnail picture for the video - the thumbnail is the image that will be displayed on your listing card. Yondo automatically generates a thumbnail from the first image in your video, however you can also upload an image of your choice.
  • Upload a short Preview of the video (optional).

7. Enter your video's Pricing (How your customers access this video)

You can sell your videos on a monthly subscription, timed rental or both

A timed rental is similar to a pay-per-view movie. You can set each video rental at different prices and different durations.

Select Rental or Subscription.

  • If it’s a Rental, Set the Rental Price $ (leave this blank if you wish to use the Default Settings).
  • If you wish to offer the video for free, check the box “Free Listing”.
  • If it’s a Subscription, you will set the Subscription Price within the Default Settings. (See the Default Settings section below for more information).

8. Once the File Status is Complete, you will be able to select Publish on the Edit page, otherwise click OK and return to the Video On Demand page.

9. Click the Video’s corresponding Actions (three dots) button. Use the dropdown to select Publish or Unpublish.

10. In this dropdown you can also play your video, get an embed code, and replace your video.

To learn how to replace or delete a Video On Demand, please refer to our guide o How to Replace or Delete a Video On Demand.

Default Settings

These settings will be connected to all of your Subscription videos. Customers whosign up for a subscription, pay a recurring payment every month.

1. Click the green “Default Settings” button.

2. Set or adjust the amount of days of the Rental Period.

3. Set or adjust the Rental Price or select Free.

4. Set or adjust the Subscription Price. (Leave this price at $0 if you want to collect contact information from your customers for future marketing opportunities).

5. Optional, Help Link, if you have a Help/Support page on your domain, you may enter the url here.This will be displayed on the vdeo player.

6. Add a Preview video that will be applied to your videos whenever you do not add a preview for that particular video. Whenever you add a preview, it will override the default one. 

7. Click "Save Changes" when done.

The Default Pricing Settings will be applied to all videos, unless Pricing was set while Editing a specific video.

When you are finished uploading and editing your videos, view your Store by clicking the “Visit Your Store Name” button.

Below is a screen shot of the completed Video On Demand Store.


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