Use Yondo to book In-Office sessions and consultations

Yondo gives you the ability to allow you to book In-Office sessions with your clients online right from your very own website or from your Yondo pages. 

To create an In-Office session, first create a session just like you would for a Live 1-to-1 Video Call.  If you would like more information on how to create a Live 1-to-1, Please refer to our article on How To Set Up A 1-To-1 Listing For Live Video & Phone Sessions

Once you get to the Connection Type section of the Add 1-to-1 Session screen, click on the In-Office section.


Two fields will appear where you will add your Office Address and your Office Phone Number.

If your Office Address is the same as your billing address, click the check box to "Use your billing address as a default address". If these addresses are not the same simply unclick the checkbox and fill in the correct details. 

Next enter your Office Phone Number and again continue filling out your session information the same way you would for a Live 1-to-1 Video Call.

If you would like more information on how to set up the Live 1-to-1 section of your Yondo platform, Please refer to our support pages on Live 1-to-1 Video Sessions.

You can also sync Yondo with Google Calendar, allowing you to keep track of all of your appointments from one place. For more information about our Google Calendar sync, Please refer to our article on How to Sync your Yondo calendar to your Google Calendar

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