How to connect your Yondo account to Salesforce?

In this article we will discuss how to connect Yondo to your Salesforce CRM. Yondo will send the Name and Email of anyone that purchases your Yondo content to Salesforce and create a new contact for them automatically. 

To set this connection up, you will first need go to the Apps sections in the navigation bar on the left of your Yondo dashboard. 

Next find Salesforce in the Apps list and click on it to bring up the connection window. 


In the Salesforce connection window, click the green 'Connect to Salesforce' button and you will be directed to the authorization page. If you are not logged into your Salesforce account upon clicking the connect button, you will be required to login first.  

On the Salesforce Authorization page, click 'Allow'.


You will be redirected back to the Apps section of Yondo where you will see that your Salesforce Account has now been connected and enabled.   Yondo will now send the Name and Email of anyone that makes a purchase of your content to Salesforce and create a new contact. 


If you would ever like to disconnect your Yondo account from your Salesforce account, simply click on the red disconnect button and the link between the two platforms will cease. 

For more information on other third party integrations, please refer to our support articles in the Integrations and Apps section

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