How to use the Start Session Now function for Live 1-to-1s

You can host instant or impromptu sessions with clients through the Start Session Now button located on your Live 1-to-1 Dashboard. 

To Start a session instantly, All you need to do is click on the green 'Start Session Now' button at the top of your 1-to-1 page.

A window will appear with a blue Start Session Now button as well as options you can use for delivery of the direct link to your session. The options are


  • Copy Link - which provides you with a direct link to the session which you can copy and send to your clients in a messenger or email. 
  • Invitation - You can send your client a direct email by putting their email into the field below and clicking on Send.
  • Secure Code - You can also use the Secure Code function and create a unique password that your customer will need to use to join the session with you. Enter your passcode into the field below and send your customer the link along with the passcode so that they can access the session. 


Once you have invited your customer to the session click on the blue Start Session Now button above the link and you will be connected to your Live 1-to-1 session. 

Important Note: Make sure you send your link and start your session from the same Start Session Now window. Yondo will generate a new link every time this window appears, so if you were to start your sessions and close out of the window before sending the link (or vice versa), Yondo will create a new link to a new session with a new unique link when you click on the Start Session Now button again. 

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