PowerPoint will not display when I share my screen

Since Yondo does not have to be downloaded by your customers, everything is powered through your browser for you to present and your attendees to view. With that said, when PowerPoint is placed in presentation mode it takes over the screen and can not be displayed during the screen sharing mode in your live sessions. We recommend that you do one of the following.

• We recommend using Google Slides for your presentations. It's a free software that works within your browser. You can upload your PowerPoint file and Google Slides will automatically convert them. You will want to present your slides in presentation mode.  

• You also have the option to save your PowerPoint as a PDF. Open your PDF in your browser window to present it during your live session.

• If you want to present in PowerPoint you will need to do so within your presenter view.

If you have two monitors connected to your computer select "Share Screen". If you are using one monitor we recommend for you to select "Show Window", this will share your document and not your entire screen. Please make sure you have the document open before you start your webinar. This will give your audience a larger viewing area. 


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