How To Create A Live Experience

In this article, we will discuss how to create a Live Experience powered by Yondo.


Creating a Live Experience 


To create a new live experience, click on the blue “Add Program” button. This will bring up the edit program screen where you will edit the information for your program.


Give your Experience a Title that will appear at the top of your Live Experience registration page.


Choose the video that you would like to use as your Live experience from videos you have already uploaded to your dashboard by clicking on the drop down. Or upload a new video by clicking on the orange “Upload” to the right of the video drop down.


Add an Image, which will appear on your Live Experience landing page.


Add a Description that will give your customer a better idea of what your program will be about.


And Publish your program by switching the publish option to on/green. This will allow your customer to see your program on your Live Experience page.


Scheduling Your Live Experience


Once you have added your information to your Live Experience, click on the 'Schedule' tab at the top where you will be able to schedule the time you would like to show the program and interact with your customers.


You can choose to schedule your Experience for A Set Time, On A Schedule, or On Demand.



1.   A set time will schedule your session for a single set time that customers must sign up for on your Live Experience pages or embedded registrations widgets. This function is best for one-off session that you would like to host with your clients and give the illusion that you are hosting a live webinar. For Set Times, you must select a date and time that you would like to schedule the time.




2.    On a schedule, you will be able to set multiple or repeating times that your clients will be able to register for and view your session at. These sessions will start only at set times and will let you set a repeating interval so you can make your sessions available to your clients multiple times in a given day, while still giving them the feeling that this is a live session.


To add the schedule, first click ‘+Add Schedule’.


You will need to select between a ‘Once Off’ schedule, which is a schedule that will only last for the date you set it, or a ‘Weekly Schedule’ that will repeat weekly.




Next you will choose the time you would like the first session to start in the Time section. Below that, you will have the option to set a Replay Interval where you will select you interval between the start times of one video to another. If you leave this field as ‘No repeat’, the session will only play once for that day at the start time.

If you do choose a Replay Interval you will also need to select an ‘Until’ time, which will serve as the time that your videos will stop repeating.


** Note the interval time cannot be shorter than the duration of the video.


Next you will select the date of your scheduled sessions. If it is a ‘Once off’ session, simply choose the date you want the session to be scheduled in the date field. If you selected a ‘Weekly schedule’, you will be able to select the days of the week that you would like the program to be available and repeat. You can also sent an end date for the repeating schedule so that you only show the program on a repeating basis for a limited amount of time. If this option is set to none,  the session will repeat each day you select indefinitely.


Lastly, click Save to save your program schedule.

3.     The On Demand schedule will allow your customers to start a session instantly at any time during the window of your choice.


First click ‘+Add Schedule’ and again select between ‘Once off’ and ‘Weekly schedule’


In the "Time Field" you will select a Start and End time that your customers will be able to begin a session and interact with you via the chat function within.


Again either select the single date for a ‘Once off’ schedule, or the Start date, End date and Repeating Days for a Weekly schedule’.


Again, click save to save your schedule.

Your Live Experience Options Tab


The Options tab is where you will be able to decide how you want to set your Interaction Mode,  End of Session Settings, Register Text.


The Interaction Mode

The Interaction Mode is the option to set your chat conversations to "Private" or "Public"

Public/Open mode: This will allow your attendees to interact with each other during the presentation.

Private mode: This option will create a new chat conversation for each attendee in the session so that you can message and answer their questions privately, 1-to-1 with your company.


End of Session/ URL Redirect

End of Session/URL Redirect is where you will be able to choose where your customer will be redirected upon their session ending.

 To add a URL Redirect simply click on the URL Redirect option and put the site URL that you would like to direct your customers to go once their session has ended.


Registration Text

Registration Text is the text that will appear on the Registration Element in your Live Experience Landing page.


The Register Title Text is the text that will appear at on the registration form above the name and email fields.


The Register Button Text is the text which will appear on the button your customers will click on to register for the session.


When you are finished editing your Live Experience, save your program by clicking 'Save Changes'.


For more information on the Live Experience, please refer to our article on Walking Through your Live Experience Dashboard.

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