Yondo All-In-One with Live Experience Dashboard Walkthrough


Live Experience Walkthrough

The Live Experience is a brand new function of Yondo that will allow you to host pre-recorded webinars online and incorporate live chat functionality allowing you and your team to have direct contact with your viewers as they attend your Program. 


To allow your team to be able to also answer questions in your Live Experience programs, you must add them to your Yondo account as a team member.

To add a team member that will be able to help answer inquiries, please refer to our article on How to Add Team Members


Your Live Experience Tab

In the navigation bar on the left, you will find the Live Experience tab, where you will set up and monitor all activity with your Live Experience Programs. You will see a number of sections that are a part of the Live Experience tab including:


  1. Live Experience
  2. Sessions
  3. Attendees
  4. Conversations
  5. Settings
  6. Usage
  7. Notifications


1.    The general Live Experience tab is where you will create and schedule your Live Experience Programs. For more information on setting up your Live Experience Programs, please refer to our articles on Creating Your Live Experience.

Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_6.18.46_pm.png2.    The Sessions tab is where you will see 'Upcoming' and 'Past' sessions that you have held. In these tabs, you will be able to see the attendees that will be attending or have attended each individual program session. To view this, simply find your particular session and select the attendee icon to the right.  


3.    The  Attendees tab is where you will be able to view all of your attendees that have joined a session regardless of what program or session they attended. Clicking on a particular attendee will bring up their customer profile in the Customers tab.


4.    The  Conversations tab is where you will communicate with your attendees and be able to see all conversations that are currently open, as well as those that are inactive. Switch between the ‘Current’ and Archived’ buttons in the top right corner to change between open and inactive conversations. You can also choose to filter the conversations according to who they have been assigned to. 

To learn more about how to converse with your attendees,  please refer to our article on Conversing with Your Live Experience Attendees in Your All In One System.


5.    The Settings tab is where you will be able to customize the look of your Live Experience Session.



In this section, you can customize the Color of the messaging panel by selecting a color in the top field.

You can also choose the Initial View meaning how the messenger will appear in your program before your customer enters the chat. This setting can be set to show:

Bubble Only - This will only show a bubble icon in the bottom corner of the Live Experience program. Once the attendee clicks on the bubble the chat panel will appear on the right-hand side of the window, where your customers can connect with your team and ask questions.


Image with Greeting -  This will show a greeting message that appears in a dialogue pop-up image from one of your team members. Once clicked, the chat panel will appear on the right-hand side of the window, where your customers can connect with your team and ask questions.Image_with.png

Full Panel - will bring up the full Conversation Panel right away so that your customers are able to chat with your team instantly.


The  Greeting Text will be the message displayed as a greeting in your Program. This message will appear on the Conversation Panel, as well as the greeting message if you set your Initial View as ‘Image with Greeting’.

Lastly, you will have the option to choose whether you would like to Show the Live Experience Logo by changing the toggle on or off. If turned on, the logo will show at the bottom of the program.

** Note that if you are on a Free Plan, you will not be able to remove the logo.


6.    Usage is where you will be able to see how many viewers you have used of your total view allowance, excess presentation views for your current period along with the overage fees, and lastly, your usage per day for the current period as well.  


7.   In the Notifications section you have the option to choose you and your team will be notified that there is a new message. You can receive notifications via desktop notifications, email, or mobile. To turn these options on, simply ensure the toggle switch is turned to green and select which messages you would like to receive. 

*Note: For the desktop notifications to work, customers must also allow notifications to be pushed through the browser.


Your Live Experiences will be stored in your Yondo store, under the Live Experience section. This page will include listing cards that link to the landing pages for each of the programs that you create, and will only appear on your page if you have published programs. Have your customers simply click on the registration button and follow the purchase procedures. For Information on how to converse with you customers, please see our article on Conversing With Your Clients


For more information on setting up your third party apps please refer to the articles on Live Experience Third Party Apps and Integrations.


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