Sharing Your Live Experience Landing pages and Utilizing the Embed Code

In this article we will discuss how you can share your Live Experience landing pages with your customers as well as how you can use an embed code to sign customers up to your programs from your very own website.


Viewing your Live Experience Landing Pages


Whenever you create a Live Experience, a landing page for your program is also created. To view this landing page, simply find the Live Experience you would like to view or share, and click on the Eye icon to bring you directly to your Live Experience Landing Page.


You can also access the landing page by clicking on the Action Button (three vertical dots). Here you will see a dropdown with a number of options including.


  • View Landing Page - which you will be able to use to view your landing page.
  • View Live Session - where you can see exactly what point your session is at in your program.  (You can also click on the Play icon next to the Eye icon to access this function)
  • View Sessions - which will redirect your to your sessions section of your dashboard, where you will see all upcoming and past sessions.
  • Publish/Unpublish - where you can make your Live Experience public or private.
  • Get Sharing Link - which will give you the direct link to your Live Experience landing page that you can share with your clients.
  • Get embed code - which will create an embed code you can insert into your own personal website, allowing your customer to sign up for the program instantly on your pages.
  • Move to top / bottom - which will change the order of your Live Experiences. (mainly for use in the All In One Yondo system with Live Experience)


Click ‘ View Landing Page’ to access your landing page from the dropdown, or click ‘Get Sharing Link’ to find the your Landing Page URL you can share with your customer.


Embedding Your Live Experience Sign Up Forms


As mentioned before you can also embed signup elements to your own personal websites, allowing your customers to access your programs from your own sites.


To utilize the embed code simply click on the Actions button (three dots) and select ‘Get Embed Code’. A window will appear with the embed code appearing in the field below.


Copy the embed code.


Go to your own website and paste the code into your site where you would like it to appear. Depending on your hosting provider you may need to edit the HTML of your page, or simply add an HTML reading element to your page.


*Note: If you are embedding a sign up for a Set Time or Once Off Live Experience, the embed code will only apply to the sessions that the Live Experience is set for.


Once you have added your code, simply publish your site and direct your customers there to sign up for your Live Experience.

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