Setting Up Your Live Experience Configuration Settings



In the Apps section of your Live Experience Configuration, you will be able to integrate your Live Experience account with apps such as Google Analyics, MailChimp, Slack, Zendesk,Dropbox, as well as any others that you can think of using the Custom Header Code.


For information on how to integrate these Apps with your Live Experience account, please visit our support section on Third Party Apps and Integrations.


Configuration Settings


The Configuration Settings section is where you will be able to enter information about your company along with you braning


In the Account Information section you will be able to edit your Company Name. Simply enter your Company Name in the field provided.


You can also choose whether to make your branded Live Experience landing pages public in this section. Change these settings by toggling the switch between ‘online’ and ‘offline’.


In the Styling section, You will be able to add and edit your logo to appear will appear on your landing pages and emails, as well as your Icon (favicon) that will appear in your landing page’s browser tab.


You can either add a ‘Regular logo’, that is formatted better for square logos, or a ‘Wide Logo’, that is more suited to longer rectangular logos. To edit your logo simply click ‘Choose File’ and select your logo file to upload to your account. Once uploaded make sure you have chosen the proper option clicked in the Selected Logo section.

Account Settings


In your Account Settings you will be able to use the buttons at the top of the page to:


Change_Plan_Button.png  Change your Plan - where you can upgrade your plan at any time.

Change_CC_Button.png  Enter Your Credit Card - where you can change the card associated with your account.

Cancel_Button.png  Cancel Your Subscription - where you can cancel your subscription with Yondo


You will also see in the section the information pertaining to the current Live Experience Plan you are on. This information includes:

  • Current Plan - which shows you the title of your current plan
  • Team Members - which shows you how many team members you have and how many seats you have available.
  • VOD Inclusions - Your bandwidth allowances
  • View Inclusions - the number of views you have per month with your current plan along with the overage fee per view.
  • Status - Whether or not your account is active or not.
  • Next Billing Date - The date you will next be billed.
  • Your Billing Details - Your Billing Name and Address
  • Account Email - The email that Yondo will send system emails to along with any updates on terms or conditions.


User Settings

In the User Settings, you will be able to see and edit your own user account information such as your:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • City
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Below the email field you will see the ‘Change Email’ button. To change your account email, click this button and follow the prompts.


To change your Password, simply click on the ‘Change Password’ button in your user account settings tab. You will receive an email asking you to reset your password with a password reset link in the email.


You will also be able to add extra security measures by adding your mobile phone number and requesting you to enter a verification code.

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