How To Communicate with Your Live Experience Attendees

In this article we will see how you are able to converse with your Live Experience customers through the conversations tab.


When a customer attends a Live Experience, they will be able to communicate with you via a messaging panel to the right of the presentation. All your customers need to do to send a message is type their question into the message box and send it to you by clicking the Paper Airplane send icon.


Once they have sent their message, you and your team will be notified that the customer has asked a questions through desktop notifications, email notification, or both, depending on how you set up your notification settings. Clicking on these notification will bring you to your conversation tab.


You can also find the Conversations tab in the navigation bar to the left of your Live Experience dashboard.  

Here you can click on the active conversations with your customers which will open up the conversation so that you can begin chatting with your customers.  


You can also assign the conversations to yourself or another team member by clicking on the Assign button in the top left corner of your message and choosing the person to be assigned from the drop down.

*Note: Team members will only have access messages they are assigned to as well as any un assigned messages.

To reply to a message from a customer, simply write you reply in the message box and send it through with the Paper Airplane icon. You can also include attachments and emojis in your messages by clicking on the Paperclip and Smiley icon respectively.

You can also leave internal notes for you and your team within your messages that will not be visible to your customers, by clicking on the ‘Internal Note’ link above the message box.You will know it is an internal note as the message box color will change from blue to orange.  Again simply type your message in the box and send it with the Paper Airplane icon.

To archive your message, go to the upper right hand corner of the open conversation and click on the “Archive’ button.

For Information on how to share your live experience with your customers, please refer to our article on Sharing Your Live Experience Landing pages and Utilizing the Embed Code.

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