How to Connect Your Live Experiences to Your Slack Account

How to Integrate Your Live Experience with Slack

In this article, we will learn how to integrate your Live Experience Powered by Yondo with your Slack account. With this integration, your Live experiences will go right to your slack account creating a channel for each new conversation that begins during a Live Experience.


How to Connect Your Slack Integration. 

To connect your Live Experience with your Slack account, simply click Apps in the configuration section of your Yondo dashboard.


Here you will see a number of Apps that will be available to integrate with. Select Slack.


In the Slack Connection Window, you will see a green button that says connect to slack. Click the button to bring up the authorization screen.


Authorize Slack to connect with your Live Experience account, and you are ready to start chatting with your viewers instantly.Slack_Authorize.png

You will know that the connection has been made when you see a small green enabled sign, on the right of your Slack App bar on your Live Experience dashboard. When clicked you will see the Slack button has now turned red in case you would like to disconnect your slack account from your Live Experience. You will also receive an email notifying you that the Live Experience App has been added to your Slack.



To start connecting your Slack Account to your Yondo Live Experiences, click here to head to the Apps section of your Yondo Dashboard.


In the App

Now that your Slack account has been connected with your Live Experience, messages will be received in both your Live Experience dashboard as well as inside of your Slack Messenger.

Any time a new viewer sends a message through the Live Experience Chat Messenger, a new Channel with their name will be created in your Slack Account.


Your conversation with this particular viewer will take place within this channel, sending messages from Slack directly to your viewers Chat Messenger.



Your conversations will also be stored in your Live Experience Dashboard so you can communicate from both platforms and refer to the conversations at a later date.

Disconnecting Slack

To Disconnect Slack, simply go to your Slack integration in the Apps section of your Yondo Dashboard and click the red ‘Disconnect from Slack’ button.


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