What are Account Settings?

In your Account Settings, you will be able to use the buttons at the top of the page to:


Change_Plan_Button.png  Change your Plan - where you can upgrade your plan at any time.

Change_CC_Button.png  Enter Your Credit Card - where you can change the card associated with your account.

Cancel_Button.png  Cancel Your Subscription - where you can cancel your subscription with Yondo


You will also see in the section the information pertaining to the current Live Experience Plan you are on. This information includes:

  • Current Plan - which shows you the title of your current plan
  • Team Members - which shows you how many team members you have and how many seats you have available.
  • VOD Inclusions - Your bandwidth allowances
  • View Inclusions - the number of views you have per month with your current plan along with the overage fee per view.
  • Status - Whether or not your account is active or not.
  • Next Billing Date - The date you will next be billed.
  • Your Billing Details - Your Billing Name and Address
  • Account Email - The email that Yondo will send system emails to along with any updates on terms or conditions.


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