Can I offer my subscribers a trial of my video subscription?

Yes, there are two ways that you are able to offer your customers a trial of your Video On Demand Subscription. You can set up your trial through your Video On Demand Settings and through the discount code function.

Video On Demand Settings


In your Video Library Settings which can be found under the 'Video Library' tab, you will be able to set your default rental price, add a preview video, add a help link, and give your customers a trial of your Video Subscription automatically.

To set up your Video Subscription Trial in your Video Library Settings, click the toggle under Subscription Trial toggle to Enabled.

The system will then request that you add the number of days you would like to make your videos available for in the trial. Enter this information in the Trial Period field.

Click Save Changes to save your settings.

When checking out, your customers will still need to put in their credit card information and will be charged upon the trial finishing.


Discount Code Engine

You can offer your customers free trials of your monthly video subscriptions by using the Discount Code function. This will let you offer your subscription trials to specific people that you share your code with. 

To set up a free trial of your monthly subscription, navigate to your Yondo Dashboard and select "Discounts" under the "More" tab on the left side navigation bar.

Click the "Create a New Discount" button in the middle of the page.

Next, enter your code - This code is given to your customers to receive a discounted price during checkout. The code must be unique and only contain letters, numbers, the dash, and underscore symbols. e.g "Holiday20" or "Free_Trial".

Choose the Subscription Product Type Restriction -  This will make it so that this discount code only applies the discount to a purchase of your subscription. Simply click the drop-down and choose 'Subscription' as the Product Type. 

You will then have the option to choose the discount Duration make it a Recurring Discount, to have the discount apply to the subscription continuously,  or select Expires to have the discount only last for a certain number of months.

If you choose the "Expires" option, you will need to also choose how many months the trial discount will apply in the 'Period' field that will appear. 

Enter a value under "Percent off" 

To make the trial free, enter 100 in the 'Percent off' field.

If you wanted to give your customers a slight discount of the first few months, you can enter any value in this field to give that percentage off. For example, just enter '50' to give your customer 50% off the first few months.

Select a date under "Redeem by date" (Optional) - You can leave it empty if the code does not expire.

Enter the number of maximum redemptions (Optional) - This is the number of times that the code can be used. You can leave it empty if the code has no limit.

Enter the number of Maximum Cart Items (Optional) - This is the number of items that are allowed to be in a customer's cart in a given transaction. You can leave this blank as there can only be one subscription purchased at a time. 



After completing the setup, click the "Save" button at the bottom right corner to save your discount and share your code with your customers. 


For additional help setting up your Video Subscriptions, please visit our guide on Setting Up Your Yondo Video Subscriptions.


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