How can I add a cart link to my own site?

You can use these URL formula's to add links and shortcut buttons in your Yondo Templates or Personal Sites.

To do this, use these add to cart URLs.

First, use your own secure Yondo store subdomain as the base of the link,


Next add the following to your URL, for the specific function you would like to utilize.

VOD Subscription:
VOD Rental:
Live 1-to-1:
(*Note: This link format will take your customers to the booking calendar of the listing you choose.)

Playlist Purchase:
Playlist Rental:
The IDs in the URLs above can usually be found on the store page as part of the URL, eg The ListingID for the session link would be 13139.
If I wanted to create a shortcut cart link using the formula for the listing above, the link would be
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