GoDaddy Domain Alias Setup



There are two ways that you would be able to set up your GoDaddy domain with Yondo:

  1. Using a CNAME to add a subdomain to your Yondo store
  2. Creating an A record and forwarding the Root domain to link to Yondo.

Setting up your GoDaddy domain with Yondo with a CNAME

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account at
  2. Navigate to my products then select manage all.Step_1.png
  3. Double click on the domain that you wish to edit.step_2.png


  1. Scroll down the page until you find the Manage DNS Optionstep_3.png



  1. Scroll down to the Records section.
  2. Click on the Add button in the bottom right to add a new CNAME record.Step_4.png
  3. A dialog window opens.
  4. Change the Host: field to the subdomain name for the alias assignment. For example, If you want your store's domain to be "" you would enter "store" in the Host field.
  5. Change the Points to field to point towards your Yondo subdomain at “” (replace with your real store name.).
  6. Click Save.Step_5.png



Forwarding your Root Domain to Your Yondo Store.

If you are looking to use Yondo as your standalone website, you can also forward the root domain (, without www or another subdomain in front of the domain) to your Yondo pages as well. 

To do this you will need to follow the steps as above, but using the “A” record rather than a “CNAME”. 

Click the Add button and select ‘A’ in the type field. 

Change the Host: field to www so that when you forward your domain to Yondo, the site will appear as

Change the Points to field to point towards your Yondo subdomain at “” (replace with your real Yondo subdomain).Screen_Shot_2020-04-27_at_5.53.28_pm.png

Click Save and the A record should be created. It may take a bit of time for the DNS settings to connect. 

Once this has been done you will need to complete the Yondo platform side of the subdomain. You can find out how to do this by viewing our article on How to Set up your Domain Alias 

Once the Yondo domain settings have been set and the A record has been connected, you will need to go back into your GoDaddy Manage DNS settings. 

Next, find the Forwarding section and click ‘Add’ next to the ‘Domain’ option. It is important that you choose ‘Domain’ in the Forwarding Window and not ‘Subdomain’. A window will appear that ask where you would like to forward your root domain.  


In the Forward to fields, Select “https://” and enter your newly created “A” record you linked with Yondo so that it will direct your customers to (replace with your actual domain).  Make sure in the text field next to the HTTP dropdown, you do not include https:// again. 

You can select either a permanent or temporary forward type and select the ‘Forward Only’ settings. 


Click on the ‘Update my nameservers and DNS settings’ so that it is selected.

Lastly, click Save


It may take a bit of time for the connection to be established, but once everything has been completed, Your domain should be forwarded to your new A record, so that anytime a customer enters your root domain (, no www.) they will automatically be forwarded to your Yondo site.

For more details related to the Yondo-specific configuration, please see the main article on domain alias setup.



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