Add and invite a Team Member

This area enables you to Add/Invite others that work for you or are affiliated with your store and will be providing classes, sessions, lessons, consultations, etc.


Add a Team Member

Click Team Members on the left-side navigation bar.

Click the Blue Add Team Member button on the top right.


There are 3 parts to the Add a Team Member page:
1. Account Details
2. Profile
3. Security

1. Account Details
a. Display Name - set by the Administrator.
b. Email - set by the Administrator.
c. First Name
d. Last Name
e. Temporary Password – a temporary password is automatically set and can be changed by the Team Member.
f. Timezone – use the ‘drop-down’ menu to select your Timezone.

2. Profile (this information is shown on the team member’s public profile page)
a. Profile Picture – browse and select the desired photo.
b. Country - use the ‘drop-down’ menu to select the desired Country.
c. City - use the ‘drop-down’ menu to select the desired City.
d. About – enter text about your Team Member.
e. Qualifications – enter the Team Member’s achieved qualifications, i.e. college, degrees, certifications, etc.
f. Banner – upload an image, which appears under the header of the Team Members profile page.
g. Portfolio - upload images, videos, or documents.

3. Security
a. Read Only – The Administrator can use this box to affect how the Team Member uses Yondo. Select ‘Read Only” if you do not want the team member to have access to edit their calendar and team member page. If you leave this box unchecked, your team member can customize their page details.

When completed, review and click "Save Changes" to save.

Invite Team Members to your Store

To invite a team member to your store, just follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Team Members tab, in the left-side menu bar,
  2. Click the Actions (three dots) button, next to the Team member you want to invite.
  3. Select "Send welcome email" to send the invitation.


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