What is the Portfolio?

Your portfolio is a section on your Profile where you can add images, videos, and pdf documents to showcase your skills. We also have the portfolio set up on listing pages so you can add any images, videos, or PDF documents relevant to that particular listing.

To start adding to your portfolio, login, go to the Team Members section, select your profile and click “Edit Portfolio”. From there you can add images, videos, and PDF documents. Drag and Drop files to your portfolio or insert a link to a video. Yondo supports video links from Youtube or Vimeo.

Once you have uploaded your image, video, or PDF document, you will see them appear in your "Portfolio Bank". Simply click the image, video, or PDF document you want to appear on your profile and it will copy into the "Profile Portfolio"

To add images, videos, and PDF documents to your listing, simply head to your "Live 1-to-1" page, find the listing you want to add to, then click "Edit". From there, click "Edit Portfolio". Follow exactly the same process as you did for your Profile Portfolio. Please note that anything you add to your Portfolio Bank can be accessed from either your profile page or your listing so you don't have to do another upload.

To remove any images, videos, or PDF documents, simply click the trash can icon next to the corresponding item.


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