How to create a Webinar


To create a Webinar, simply follow the steps below: 

1.   Navigate to your Yondo store management page and select "Webinars" from the left-side menu bar. 

2.   Next, click the blue "Create Webinar" button, found in the middle of the page, as shown below. 


3.   Next, you will be taken to the "Create Webinar" page, which consists of three sections: 

  • Topic - What is the main topic of the webinar? Topics can be re-used if you present the same webinar multiple times.

-   If you have not previously created a topic, you need to create one. To do this, click "Create Now"


-   On the following "Add topic" screen, enter the needed information: 

- Title - Choose the title of your topic.

- Image (optional) - Upload an image that you want to associate with your topic.

- Price - Enter your desired price or click the "Free" button if your webinar on the topic will be provided for free. 

Duration (in minutes) - Enter the duration of your webinar. 

Description (optional) - Enter details about your webinar topic. This is where you can also enter any information that might be relevant to you or your customers. 

- Click "Save changes" to complete your topic setup. 

-   Next, select your newly created topic, using the dropdown. 

  • Webinar - Once your topic is set, proceed to the next section and choose a Webinar subtitle. This is optional, but many times useful when you want to be specific about the content of your webinar.
  • Attendees Enter the email address of each person you would like to invite to your Webinar. Use a comma (,) to separate each one. Below, enter the message that you would like to send in the invitation email. 
    Note: If your topic has a price, all invited attendees will be given free access to the webinar. If you want to invite them to purchase your Webinar, email them separately directing them to the Webinar page on your store website.

4.   Choose if you want to schedule your Webinar or a later time or start it now. Click one of the corresponding buttons found on the bottom right, to select your desired option. 


5.   If you select "Start now", your webinar will begin immediately. 

6.   If you choose to schedule, there are a few more steps to take after you have pressed the "Schedule" button.

  • Choose your desired date and time. The timings are expressed in your local time zone, determined by your computer's time zone settings. (Please go to the corresponding guide for more details about changing your computer's time zone settings, if you need to do so.)
  • Check the "Publish" checkbox if you would like to immediately make the webinar publicly available on your store website. Attendees will have to register and make a payment if a price is set.
  • Click "OK" to save your changes. 

Once you have performed these steps, your webinar should be ready to go live. Yondo sends reminder emails to you and your customers automatically, 24h and 1h prior to the scheduled time. 

Please check our guide on How To Organize Webinars Using The Yondo Webinar App for further help. 

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