How to organize Live 1-to-1 sessions

Yondo provides you with all of the necessary tools to enable you to easily organize your Live 1-to-1 sessions.

Starting a Live 1-to-1 Session

1. When you are ready to begin a pre-booked session, go to the Live 1-to-1 section in your Yondo Dashboard, then select "Bookings". 

2. Choose the session booking that you would like to start and click the blue "Start" button. You are also able to start your session by clicking on the start session link in your confirmation and reminder emails.


3.   In the newly opened window, you will be asked to allow the video call app to use your webcam and microphone. Please click the "Allow" button in order for your call to work correctly. Please also ensure that your customers are allowing this camera and microphone access so they can communicate with you. 


4.   Once your customer connects, the live 1-to-1 session will begin. (Note: Your customer receives an automatic booking confirmation email that also provides a direct link to the session.) Your video and audio will automatically be detected by the app, but if you choose to, you may customize this by using the tools available within the Yondo video interface. 


Using the Live  1-to-1 video call interface


Once your session begins, you have the option to customize your preferences from within the app. Yondo provides a set of tools for this purpose. These icons (from left to right) represent the following functionals: 

  • Chat 
  • Share Screen 
  • Microphone/Mute
  • Disconnect
  • Webcam/Stop Video
  • Record
  • Menu




1.   Clicking on the Chat icon will make the built-in text chat widget appear to the right of your video feed. This is where you can text chat with your customer and also share links or file attachments with them during your session. 



2. Use the Share Screen feature to share your screen with your session partner. You will be asked to select the window that you would like to share. You can share your whole screen or just a single window.



3. The Microphone Icon will allow you to mute and unmute your own Audio feed. 



4. In the middle of your toolbar, you will see a red phone icon. This icon is where you will be able to Disconnect and end your session.  



5. The Webcam Icon will allow you to turn your video stream on and off depending on how you would like to connect with your customers. 



6. When in your Live 1-to-1 Session, you can begin recording the session by clicking on the Record Icon, in the bottom right corner of your window.  


**It is important to note that if you have turned recording on your client has the ability to turn your recordings off at their own discretion.

The recording will begin and continue as long as the red recording light is on.

When you’re ready to stop recording, simply click end recording or the Square Stop Icon, and the recording will stop.



7. The 'Menu Icon' looks like 3 vertical dots and, when clicked, will open up the menu window on the right side of your Live 1-to-1 Session window


The menu options in this window include: 

  • Leave
  • Device Settings 
  • Start Recording
  • Call to Action 
  • Timer

8. The Leave option will allow you to disconnect from the session and has the same functionality as the Disconnect button mentioned earlier in this article.


9. Clicking the Devices Settings option will allow you to select what camera and microphone your video and audio feeds are coming from. If you have an external microphone or webcam that you would like to use, simply select the device you would like to use for your sessions. 


10. You are also able to start your recordings by clicking the Start Recording option. This option has the same functionality as the Recording mentioned earlier in this article.  Again when you’re ready to stop recording, simply click end recording or the Square Stop Icon, and the recording will stop.


11. The Call to Action function allows you to make clickable pop-up windows appear on your customer's screen. This can be a great feature to offer your customers the ability to book their next session in the window, the ability to watch a video, or even direct them to your personal website.

Click on the Call to Action you would like to show, then click the 'Show it now' button to make it appear on your customer's screen.

To learn how to create a Call to Action, please refer to our article on How to create a Call-to-Action Panel.



12. Lastly you have the Timer option in this menu as well. This timer will allow you to keep track of the amount of time that you have spent with a customer to ensure that you do not go over time. To start your timer simply click the Start option and the timer will begin. 



For more information on how to set up your Live 1-to-1 listings, Please see our article on How to set up a Live 1-to-1 session listing.

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