How to organize Live 1-to-1 sessions

Yondo provides you with all of the necessary tools to enable you to easily organize your Live 1-to-1 sessions.

Starting a Live 1-to-1 Session

1. When you are ready to begin a pre-booked session, go to Live 1-to-1 section in your Yondo Dashboard, then select "Bookings". 

2. Choose the session booking that you would like to start and click the blue "Start Now" button. 

3.   In the newly opened window, you will be asked to allow the video call app to use your webcam and microphone. Please click the "Allow" button in order for your call to work correctly. 

 4.   Once your customer connects, the live 1-to-1 session will begin. (Note: Your customer receives an automatic booking confirmation email that also provides a direct link to the session.) Your video and audio will automatically be detected by the app, but if you choose to, you may customize this by using the tools available within the Yondo video interface. 

Using the 1-to-1 video call interface

Once your session begins, you have the option to customize your preferences from within the app. Yondo provides a set of tools for this purpose. 

1.   Chat with your customer via the built-in text chat widget.

2.   Use the timer to keep track of your time. 

3.   In the middle of your Toolbar, Yondo shows your connection status. 

4.   Use the "Share Screen" feature to share your screen with your session partner.When first using this feature, you will be prompted to install the Yondo Screen Sharing Extension to your browser. Please follow the on-screen instructions and install the extension in order to allow this feature to work correctly. Once your extension has been installed, you will be asked to select the window that you would like to share. 

5.   Use the Audio on/off button to turn your microphone on or off when desired. 

6.   Use the Video on/off button to activate or deactivate your webcam when needed.

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