1and1 Domain Alias Setup

Here is how to set up your 1and1 domain with Yondo:

1.    Log into your 1and1 account.

2.    In the Domains section, click Manage Domains.

3.    Find your domain in the list. You might need to click the “v” down arrow to expand the options for your domain options.

-    To create a subdomain, click Create Subdomain.

4.    Type the name of your subdomain.

5.    Click Create Subdomain.
6.    On the Manage Domains page, click Manage Subdomains.
7.    Check the box beside your new subdomain.
8.    Click Subdomain Settings, then click Edit DNS Settings.

9.    In the Alias box, type the "” address that you chose for your Yondo          store (use your actual store name).
10.  Check the “I am aware and accept that…“ box
11.  Click Save.
12.  Confirm your changes by clicking Yes.

For more details related to the Yondo-specific configuration, please see the main article on domain alias setup



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