Set and edit your Availability Schedule for you and your Team Members

Every Team Member needs to have a schedule set in order for their listings to be published. Yours and your team member’s listings will not be displayed until the schedule is set. The schedule reflects when someone will be available to offer a session to your customers.


How the Yondo Availability Schedule works: 

The schedule is internationally mapped, which means that after you have set your availability, your available times will be visible to clients and shown in their time zone.

The days you do not set as available automatically default to unavailable.

After a client books with you, you will both receive an automated confirmation and booking reminders listing the session time, date, and a button to start your session at the scheduled booking time. In addition, you (and the client) can easily download the scheduled booking time to Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar straight from the booking confirmation email.

Configuring the Schedule:
1. Click Team Members on the left navigation bar.
2. On the Team Members page, click the "Options" (three dots) button corresponding to the desired Team Member.
3. Select Edit Schedule.


Select what type of schedule you wish to set - Availability or Unavailability.

Availability displays the times when you are available to perform live sessions.

Unavailability needs to be set for the times when you are already booked and there are conflicting times against your online schedule. You may also use Unavailability to add a break during your repeating schedule, such as a lunch break.

4. Select Availability, located in the upper left corner.
5. Click the Blue Add button, located in the upper right corner.


6. Select the desired Schedule Type: Single or Repeat.

7. Select the desired start time and end time by either clicking the displayed number or clicking the clock icon. Use the arrows to adjust the numbers. Remember to set AM & PM as well.

8. For a Single Schedule, click the calendar icon and select the desired date to set.
9. For a Repeating Schedule, click the calendar icon, select the desired start date
and end date, or place a check in the “No end date” box.
10. Place a check in the box corresponding to the desired days of the week you wish to select.
11. Click Save.

12. Use the same steps from above to Set & Add your Unavailability. 


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