How to install the Yondo Webinar Chrome Desktop App


In order to be able to organize Webinars with Yondo, you need to install the dedicated Chrome Desktop App. 

Note: Although all parties must use either Google Chrome or Firefox, as their web browser to access a webinar, only the Host and Presenters need to install the Yondo Webinar Chrome Desktop App. Attendees can view the Webinar from their web browser and they do not need to install anything. 

Here is how to Install

1. When setting up your first Webinar, Yondo will prompt you to install the app:

2. Click the "Install" button. 

3. Next, you will be prompted to add the app to your Chrome browser. Click the "Add" button to do so. 

4. Create a test webinar and run the webinar app by clicking the 'Launch Webinar as the Host' button  to ensure it has been installed properly. If you need help creating a webinar, please check out our support article on how to create a webinar.


5.  Once the Yondo app window opens, click "Login", to access your account. 

6. Enter your Email and Password, then click the "Login" button at the bottom right.

 Your app is now installed and connected to your account. 

 To start broadcasting, please refer to our article on How to organize Webinars using the Yondo Webinar app


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