How To Integrate Yondo with Infusionsoft

By integrating Yondo with Infusionsoft, you can easily register attendees to your webinars, using an Infusionsoft form or page. This is achievable using Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder.

  1. In the Infusionsoft menu, go to the “Marketing” section and select “Campaign Builder”.
  2. Click the “Add a Campaign” button.
  3. Name your campaign.
  4. Drag a goal snippet onto the campaign area.                    
  5. Double click the goal and set up a form with the following fields (First Name, Last Name & Email). Mark this form as ready.
  6. Add a sequence snippet to the work area, double click the blue icon in bottom left corner of the snippet and select the green icon “Runs until completed” and press save. Be sure to drag a connector from the web form goal to the sequence to link them.
  7. Double click on the sequence snippet.
  8. From the process area of the toolbar drag over an http post snippet.
  9. Double click on the http post snippet to configure the post.
  10. In a separate tab in your browser go to your Yondo store management interface.
  11. Set up a Webinar if you haven’t already. Click here for setup instructions!
  12. Get the Webinar ID from the webinar you wish to integrate – To do this, go to your Webinars section and click name of your webinar.
    Copy the ID, found at the top of the “Edit Webinar” page.Screen_Shot_2020-05-05_at_10.50.05_pm.png
  13. Return to your campaign builder tab and set the post URL to “”. Replace the ":id" portion of the URL (in red) with the webinar ID you just retrieved from Yondo.
  14. Next to the “contacted” field press the “–“ button to remove that field
  15. Click the + button; set the name to “WebinarID” and in the value field right click the field and select paste to paste in your webinar id.
  16. Click the + button set name to “ViewArchivedWebinar” and value to “false”
  17. Click the + button and set the name to “Name_First” and value to “~[First Name]~”
  18. Click the + button set name to “Name_Last” and value to “~[Last Name]~”
  19. Click the + button set name to “Email” and value to “~[Email] ~”
  20. Now drag an email snippet into the sequence.
  21. Double click the email and configure the email to look the way you want it to look.
  22. Set the URL of your “Attend My Webinar button and provide the webinar ID in the text of your email which is the same webinar ID you took from Yondo and set in your HTTP Post earlier then when they click the attend button they enter the webinar id and their email address and press submit to join the webinar. With your button now rigged as an automation link you have the option of setting a linked clicked goal in the main campaign area to follow on from this sequence so when clicked it can put them into another sequence that applies a tag - say “Attended Webinar”
  23. In the webinar follow-up sequence insert a tag step to tag as “Registered for webinar”
  24. Go to the campaign screen and ensure all elements of your campaign are marked as ready this is indicated by them being green, also check the sub elements are ready by double clicking on each sequence.
  25. From the campaign work area hit the green publish button and your campaign will now publish.
  26. You now have a campaign that will register your customers for a webinar and then tag them as registered. It will also tag them as attended if they click the link to attend the webinar.
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