How to create and modify Checkout Custom Fields?

Checkout Custom Fields are a great way to gather information from your customers. They display on the checkout page, before your customers finalize a purchase.

Configuring your fields

To configure your fields, just follow the next steps:

Go to your Yondo Store Management Interface and click “Store Settings” in the left-side menu bar.

Select “Checkout Custom Fields”.

Click the “Create a New Field” button, in the middle of the page or in the upper right corner (if there are pre-existing fields).


On the “Add field” screen, enter your desired field information:

Name – Enter the name you wish to display for the new field.

Type – choose the type of field you wish to add. Yondo provides the following types of fields:

  • Single line text – Allows the customer to enter one line of text.
  • Paragraph text – Allows the customer to enter multiple lines of text.
  • Number – Restricts the input information to numbers only. This is useful for example for phone numbers, post codes, etc.
  • Dropdown – Provides the customer with a dropdown list from which they need to make a selection. Only one option may be selected.
  • Multiple choice (radiobuttons) – Allows the customer to make one selection from a list of items.
  • Checkboxes – Allows customers to select one or more options from a list of items.

Help Text – Here, you may enter any additional help text that will provide your customers with more information on what the field is for.

Required – Toggle the switch if you would like to make the field required. Customers will not be able to complete their checkout unless completing all of the fields you deem required.


Click “Save” on the bottom right of the page, to complete your field setup.

Here is a sample of a checkout form containing custom fields:


Modyfying your Fields

Yondo allows you to modify the custom checkout fields for each individual customer. 

To do so, go to your Yondo Store Management Interface and select "Customers" in the left-side menu bar. 

  1. Choose the customer for which you would like to edit your fields.
  2. In the "Edit customer" Screen, scroll down to the bottom and edit the custom fields according to your needs. Click "Save when you are ready to save your field changes. Screen_Shot_2020-04-24_at_8.16.29_pm.png
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