How do my customers join a meeting?

If you need help organizing your 1-to-1 sessions, please read the corresponding guide.

When you are ready to start a 1-to-1 session, you can provide several ways for your customers to join you. To view your available options go to your Yondo Dashboard, click “Live 1-to-1”, then click “Bookings" to open up your Bookings Calendar. Here click on the start button. Alternatively, you can start your session by clicking on the link in your Automatic Confirmation and Reminder Emails or click on the "Start Session Now” near the upper right corner of the screen if your customer has not yet booked a session.


Here is how your customers can join a meeting with you:

  • Automatic Emails - Every time a customer books a session with you, they will be sent a confirmation email automatically, along with two reminder emails (24 hours and 1 hour) before the session. The email will include the session information, along with a button linked to the session. When a customer clicks on the link, they will join the Live 1-to-1 session. 


  • Session Link – Once booking a session with you, your customers will receive this link in their booking confirmation email. They can simply click the link to join you.


  1. Email invitation – Select this option to send an email invitation to your customer, containing the session link. They can proceed as above and click the link to join your session.


  1. Session code – You can also provide your customer with an easy session link and code. Your session link is normally “” or “”. You can direct your customers to this link and inform them of the session code. Once they enter it, they will join your meeting. The codes are automatically generated by Yondo, but you can always change it with your own. The session code option is particularly useful when you meet your customers spontaneously, without pre-booking the session; or when you use the phone. 


 Your customers will be sent to your Yondo Online Store and be prompted to enter their code in the field provided.Screen_Shot_2020-05-01_at_5.46.30_pm.png


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