How to register Webinar attendees from lists using Zapier

It's easy to register Yondo attendees using your CRM or marketing software. To implement this integration you will need to own an account on the following tools:

  • Yondo
  • Your CRM or marketing software
  • Zapier

Please note that this process will need to be performed for every Webinar to which you want to register attendees. The benefit of such an integration is that once your customers register for a webinar, they are also added to your CRM/marketing list as well.

First, set up or choose a list to use for this integration. On most software, this list will automatically create a signup form that you can use on your website. 

Next, set up a webinar  within your Yondo Dashboard. Click here for setup instructions!              

Get the ID by going to your Yondo Dashboard.

  • Select “Webinars” in the left side menu bar.
  • Find the list you want to connect to your CRM software.
  • Copy the ID, found at the top of the “Edit ” page.


Here is how to go to Zapier and create a new Zap. When creating your zap, follow these steps:

  1. Under “Choose a trigger app” select your desired app. This can be your CRM or any number of other marketing tools. We will use Mailchimp as an example in this tutorial. 
  2. Select “New subscriber”. What this means is that when a new subscriber is added, the Zapier integration will trigger.
  3. Next, select your app account and click “Test account" to make sure it works.
  4. Select a list – This is the list to which your attendees will be added once they register.
  5. Test by fetching an existing subscriber. 
  6. Choose an action app by selecting "Webhooks by Zapier".
  7. Select a Webhooks by Zapier action - choose POST from the list. 
  8. Set up Webhooks by Zapier POST This represents the action that the Zapier integration will perform once it triggers.
  • Add your webinar registration URL. Your URL should look like this:
  • “ Replace the “:id” portion of the URL (in red) with the webinar ID you just retrieved from Yondo.
  • Payload Type – Select “Form”.
  • Data – In our MailChimp example, the Data fields will look as below. Please keep in mind that your software might provide different field names. The process is; however, the same - your Zapier and CRM software fields need to be merged, just like in the example below.

          a.   Name your first field as “Firstname” – Click “Insert MailChimp Fields” on the right, then select “Merges Fname” from the dropdown.
          b.   Click the “+” button to insert a new field and name it “Lastname” – Click “Insert MailChimp Fields” and select “Merges Lname”.
          c.   Insert a new field by clicking the “+” sign and name it “Email” – Insert a                   MailChimp Field on the right and select “Email” from the dropdown.     

    6.   Leave the next fields as preset by Zapier.

    7.   Test Your Zap to make sure everything works.

Your integration should now be ready.  

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