How to sync your Yondo Calendar to your Google Calendar

This article will show you how to sync your Yondo calendar with your Google calendar with just a few button clicks... You will be amazed by how easy it is!

After you have set your availability in Yondo, you can then sync the Yondo calendar with your Google calendar. This will give you the ease of not having to manage multiple calendars and only having to manage your Google calendar.

From your Edit Schedule page, click on the "Sync with Google Calendar" button at the top right section of the page. 




Click on the "Authorize Google Calendar" button to start the authorization.



The page will be redirected to a "Google Sign In" page and you will be asked by Google to sign in to your account.



After signing in, Google will ask you to "Allow" the Yondo calendar to connect with your Google calendar.



After your calendar has been connected, you will be redirected back to the Yondo "Sync with Google Calendar" page. 

By default Yondo has turned "On" the "Push bookings to Google Calendar" and "Observe busy events". We highly advise that both of these options be kept in the 'On" position.

Push bookings to Google Calendar: Displays your online bookings in your Google calendar as a booked meeting and blocks this time as "Busy". If this is turned "Off" your online bookings will not be displayed in your Google calendar.

Observe busy events: This is telling your online Yondo calendar to observe all busy events in your Google calendar and to show you as unavailable for an online booking at that time.  

Observe these calendars: If you have multiple calendars tied to your Google account, you can select which calendars you would like to sync with your Yondo calendar. 


Click 'Save Changes' to complete the sync.

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