How to replace and delete a Video On Demand

In this article, you will learn how to replace and delete a video from your Video On Demand library.


To replace your video:

1. Click on the Action Dropdown (three vertical dots) and select "Replace Video".


2. The Upload video screen will appear.


3. Follow the same steps you would use to set up a new Video On Demand to upload and edit replacement video.


If you need help setting up your Video On Demand library, please refer to our guide on How to Setup Your Video On Demand Store

To delete a video:


1. Click on the video you would like to delete, to open the edit screen.

2. Click the “Trashcan” Icon in the top right corner of the edit screen.

3. Confirm you want to delete the video from your dashboard by clicking “OK”


Your video has now been deleted.

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