How to use Dropbox with your Yondo account

Using Dropbox with Yondo

To use your Dropbox App, simply go to your Dropbox. You can do this by clicking on the blue “Dropbox” link in the App.

In the files section of your Dropbox, click on the “Apps” folder and select “Yondo”.


Click on the “Yondo Videos” folder and click the Upload File button to the left of the search bar.


Select your video and upload it.


Once the video has completed uploading to Dropbox, go back to your Yondo Video On Demand dashboard and the video should appear on the dashboard and begin processing. If the video do not appear, reload the page.


Processing your video may  take some time, depending on the size of your video file, so take this time to edit your video information.


If you need help editing your video information, please refer to our guide on How to set up a Video On Demand.

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