How to Package 1-to-1 Sessions

In this article, you will learn how to package Live 1-to-1 sessions together, to offer your customers. 

A package is a promotional tool that you can use to offer your customers multiple Live 1-to-1 sessions for a single price.  These packages are made by adding a number of your Live 1-to-1 Listings together and publishing them in one single offering.

To create a Package, first, click on "Live 1-to-1" in the navigation bar on the left and select "Packages"

Next click on the button that says "Add Package".

If this is the first package that you are creating, click on the box that says "Create a new package" to bring up the Add Package screen.


From here you can give your package the following information:

  • Name
  • Price
  • Thumbnail Image
  • Description
  • Prerequisites


At the bottom, choose the sessions you would like to add to your package by clicking "Add new sessions..."

A drop down will appear with all of your sessions. Click on the session you would like to package and click "Save Changes" to add it to the package. You can package any of you live sessions you have, including unpublished sessions to offer your customers in the package. Repeat this until you have added all of the sessions you would like to package. 



Click "Save Changes" to save your new package.


The package should now appear on your online store.



Your customers will book their appointments separately on their Customer Dashboard on your online store. To book the sessions, Have your customers follow the same steps as they would use if they were booking a single live session. 


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