How Can I Sell My Videos On Demand?

Rental, Purchase, and Subscription.
You can sell your Videos and Playlist/Courses on a monthly subscription basis, timed rental, one-off purchase, or any combination of the three.

Turn Rental Pricing On

A timed rental is similar to a pay-per-view movie. Check the Rental option if you want to make the video available as a rental. To set your default Video Rental settings, go into your Video Library 'Settings' and enter your price in the Rental Price field, and how many days you would like your rentals to last into the Rental Period field.

You can optionally Enter a special rental price. This allows you to set up a specific rental price for a certain video. If you do not enter this, your default rental price will be applied. You can also check "Free" if you want to make the video freely available. 

Turn Purchase Pricing On

The Purchase pricing will set a price for your customer to pay, so that they may gain access to the video indefinitely. Check the Purchase option to "On" and you will be required to add a purchase price to your video. There is no default pricing with this option so you will not be able to leave the pricing field blank. 

Turn Subscription Pricing On 

Check the Subscription option if you want to make the video available to your subscribed customers and sell your videos via a monthly subscription only. To set your subscription price, click the Subscriptions option under your Video Library tab.

For additional help setting up your Video Subscriptions, please visit our guide on Setting Up Your Yondo Video Subscriptions.

When a customer has subscribed to your video, they will have access to all videos with this option turned on.


You can sell your videos in any way you would like, offering each individual video with different purchase and pricing options or all offer them all for the same settings.  You can control the sale of each individual video by turning the subscription, purchase, and rental options on or off for that video. If you turn all options off, that video will be free to stream and view.

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