Can I screen share and record my presentations?

You are able to perform screen sharing in both the webinar and 1-to-1 live video sessions. Yondo gives you the ability to show any content to your audience. You can choose whether to share your entire screen or only a single window.

You are also able to record webinars and 1-to-1 sessions and add the recordings to your video on demand library powered by Yondo.

In a 1-to-1 session, at the bottom of your session screen, you will see a "Record" button. Simply click this to begin recording your session. You also have the ability to turn on or off the recording share functionality. This gives you the ability to instantly share the recording with your client or block the recording functionality from your client. 

In a webinar, Yondo provides a “Start Recording” button at the top of the Webinar App, that you can use to partially or fully record your webinar.  

When your webinars or sessions are over, you may easily access your recordings from your Yondo Management Page and add them to your Video on Demand library powered by Yondo, with one single click. Yondo lets you personalize the recording just like any other video you add to your video library. This is how you and your audience can benefit from a webinar or session, even after it took place.


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