How to use the Yondo Webinar App for your Weebly site

Using your Webinar App

When you want to begin your webinar, simply click the “Start Webinar“ button on the right.

If you have not installed the Yondo Webinar App onto your computer, you will be prompted to do so. You must install the app to host your webinar. Your attendees, however, do not need the Yondo Webinar App to watch the webinar. If you already have the Yondo Webinar App you can skip this step. If you need help Installing the app, please refer to our guide on How To Install The Yondo Webinar Chrome Desktop App.

After Installing the app, the Yondo Webinar App should appear and you can begin your webinar.


To learn more about how to run your webinar, please refer to our guide on How To Organize Webinars Using The Yondo Webinar App.

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