How to setup your Weebly Yondo Webinar App

In this article you will learn how to use the Yondo Webinar Weebly App.

Adding a Webinar to your Weebly website

At this point, you should have downloaded the Yondo app from the Weebly App Store and it should appear at the bottom of your Element Menu, on the left side of your Weebly Page Editor screen under “Third Party”.  

To add a Webinar to your page, simply click and hold the Webinar button and drag it to where you’d like to place the Webinar signup. After releasing your mouse, the element should now appear on your page.

Click on the Webinar to open up the Webinar Settings. To set up your webinar click on Configure Webinar.

Here you will enter your Webinar Title, Start Time, and Duration. Click Save Changes to save your work.

You can also use an existing webinar that you have already made by clicking the “Choose Existing Webinar” button at the top.  

The Webinar element will now show a countdown, name and email fields, and Signup button.

You can now edit the webinar signup element settings with several of options.

  • Show Start Time: You can turn on or off the display of the webinar start time within the signup element.
  • Show Countdown: You can turn on or off the countdown the timer displayed in the webinar signup element
  • Background: You can change the background color of the webinar signup element
  • Button Style: You can edit the look of the signup button.
  • Button Text: You can edit your sign up button text.
  • Alignment: You can change the alignment of the webinar signup element

Editing any of these settings will automatically apply to the Webinar signup element.

Using the Weebly Yondo Webinar Dashboard, you can create a Webinar in your Yondo Webinars Dashboard.

To get to your Yondo webinar dashboard, you can do this two ways:

  • You can go to “My Apps”page and find your Yondo App. Click the “Manage” button and you will be redirected to your webinar dashboard.
  • Or you can find your dashboard through the Configure Webinars menu on the editing menu of your webinar element.

To create a new webinar on your dashboard, simply click “Create Webinar” and give your webinar a Title, Start Time, and Duration. Click the checkmark to the right, to save your webinar.

You also see 5 icons to the right of your webinar, each one provides a different function.

  Edit - Here you can edit the webinar a Title, Start Time, and Duration. Click Save Changes to save your work.


  Attendees - Here you can see who will be attending your webinar.  You can also send email invites with a message.


  Recordings - Here you can access any recordings made during your webinars and download them directly to your computer. 


  Delete - Here you can delete your webinar from the list of webinar.


  Start Webinar - Here is where you can start your webinar. This will open up the Yondo Webinar App


Using your Webinar App

When you want to begin your webinar, simply click the “Start Webinar“ button on the right.

If you have not installed the Yondo Webinar App onto your computer, you will be prompted to do so. You must install the app to host your webinar. Your attendees, however, do not need the Yondo Webinar App to watch the webinar. If you already have the Yondo Webinar App you can skip this step. If you need help Installing the app, please refer to our guide on How To Install The Yondo Webinar Chrome Desktop App.

After Installing the app, the Yondo Webinar App should appear and you can begin your webinar.




To learn more about how to run your webinar, please refer to our guide on How To Organize Webinars Using The Yondo Webinar App.


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