How to add and edit attendees for your Webinar

In this article, you will learn how to add attendees and edit your attendee list.  You will also learn how to download your attendee list to a CSV file.


To add or edit attendees that you want to attend your Webinar:

1. Go to the Webinars page on your Yondo dashboard.

2. Find the Webinar you would like to edit and click on the Actions dropdown (the three vertical dots).Screen_Shot_2020-05-01_at_10.25.48_pm.png


3. Select “View Attendees” to view the Attendees list. From here you can:

  • View all attendees invited to your webinar.
  • Delete attendees by clicking on the “Trashcan” icon inline with the particular attendee you would like to remove.
  • Invite more attendees via email in the “Invite Attendees” fields.
  • Add a message that you would like to send your Attendees in the Invitation Email

You can also export your list of attendees to a CSV file or spreadsheet by clicking the blue ”Export To CSV” button.


4. Once you have finished editing your Attendees, click “Submit” to save your work.

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    I would like information on sharing the webinar ID.