How to use MailChimp with your Yondo account

MailChimp is an online email marketing solution that can help you manage your email marketing campaigns. By enabling the MailChimp App in Yondo, a new customer purchasing any products on your online store will be added to one or more list in your MailChimp Account.
To link your MailChimp and Yondo accounts you will need to have at least one list set up and your MailChimp API key at hand.
For help finding or generating your API Key please refer to this MailChimp article on API Keys.
Once you have your API key and list set up, copy your API key and go to your Yondo dashboard.
Select "Apps" in the left navigation bar, under "Configuration" and click on "MailChimp" to open up the setup window.
Paste the API key into the appropriate field and hit "Enter". Your MailChimp lists should now appear under Lists. Select at least one list that you would like your customers to be added too.
Lastly, make sure the "Enable Toggle" is on and green, then click "Save Changes".
 Now every time a customer makes a purchases, their information will be added to your MailChimp list.
You can turn this function off at any time by clicking the "Enable Toggle" to show "Disable". 
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