How to use Google Analytics to track your Yondo Store

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. When linked with your Yondo account, a Google Analytics Tracking ID will be embedded into all pages of your Yondo store, meaning all traffic will be tracked within the Google Analytics App. You can integrate either your Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID or Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID.
To integrate Google analytics with Yondo, you must have your Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID or your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID. To find this code, please refer to this Google Analytics support article. This Tracking ID will either Start with a "UA" if you are using Universal Analytics. If you are using G" if you are using Google Analytics 4.
Once you have your Tracking ID, copy it and go to your Yondo dashboard.
Select "Apps" in the left navigation bar, under "Configuration" and click on "Google Analytics" to open up the setup window.
Paste the Tracking ID into the appropriate field and make sure the "Enable Toggle" is on and green.

Now your Google Analytics is integrated with your Yondo account. 
The field titled “Related Domains” underneath the Tracking ID field allows your Yondo site to be tracked with your main website’s Google analytics.
By entering your main website’s domain into this section, it will display both your Yondo site and main site’s analytics on the same Google analytics report.
You can turn this function on or off at any time by clicking the "Enable Toggle" to show "Enabled" "Disabled". 
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