How To Change Your Reply-to Email Address

The Reply-To Email Address is the address that all replies to your Yondo automated confirmation and reminder emails are sent.

By default, the email address these responses are sent to is the one you used to sign-up for Yondo. This includes all automated emails that are sent with your branding, i.e. confirmations and reminder emails. If you have team members, however, the responses will be sent to the relevant team member in charge of the 1-to-1 session.

You can change this email address for all responses to go to one default address by completing the following steps.


1. Simply go to your store settings and scroll down to the Reply-To Email Address field.

2. Uncheck the “use default settings”
3. Enter your desired email address
4. Scroll to the bottom and click “save changes”

Now, all of your automated email responses will be sent to this address.

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