How to add a Live 1-to-1 'Book Now' Plugin to your personal website

You can add a 'Book Now' button to your personal website, linked to your library of Live 1-to-1 listings. You can link the button to your whole team or a single team member. When your client clicks on the booking button your calendar is shown as an overlay on your website so your clients never have to leave your site to view your calendar.


How to Add a Live 1-to-1 'Book Now' Plugin to Your Personal Website.

First, in your Yondo dashboard go to the Website Plugin tab, under Live 1-to-1. 

This is where you will be able to generate the embed code for your plugin so that it functions how you would like it to.

First, you will need to choose whether you would like your customers to be able to choose the team member first or choose the availability first.

Under Choose a Team Member, you can choose a single team member or all team members to be included on the plugin. 

Next, you will choose to add the plugin to either a new button or an existing element, to add your button on your personal website.

Then, copy the HTML code for the button.Screen_Shot_2020-05-01_at_7.53.12_pm.png

Next, go into your webpage editor or HTML Index, depending on the service you use. For this example, we will use WordPress.

Important Note*** If you are using WordPress on a free account, you will not be able to embed a video into your page. WordPress will only run foreign HTML code if you have a paid self-hosted account. 

Add a new element that can read HTML code. These elements can be Posts, Pages, Widgets, or a number of other options depending on how you would like to display the Video.

2. Next, simply paste the code into space. Click on 'Visual' to see how the code will look on the page. 

3. Update and publish your page and your button will appear in your post. 

If you are adding the code to an existing element:

First, copy the first line of text and add the HTML attributes to an element like a button or image. This element, when clicked, will trigger the booking calendar to show.


Next, copy the second line of JavaScript below and paste it into your HTML text as well. 

Now when clicked, the element will trigger the booking calendar to show as an overlay on the page.


How Customers will use the 'Book Now' button

When customers click on the button, they will need to choose the team member they would like to schedule a meeting with, unless the button is specific to a certain team member already. 


They will then choose the session they would like to book and the availability calendar will appear. Here, customers will choose the date and time that works best for them on the Booking Calendar. 

This process would be reversed if you chose to show the availability first when you set up your Live 1-to-1 plugin.

Your customers will then be taken to the checkout page, where they will give their information and purchase your Live 1-to-1 sessions. Once they have completed their purchase, they will click continue on the Booking Confirmation Page and be redirected to your personal site.

You can also create a 'Book Now' button for a single session, as opposed to a team member. To learn how to add a 'Book Now' button to your page, please refer to our article on How to Insert a "Book Now" Button on Your Website For a Single Live 1-to-1 Listing?

Our integration team can also do this and other integration tasks for you for a nominal fee. Contact our support team for pricing at

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