How to embed a Video On Demand into your Weebly website.

You can embed videos from your Yondo Video On Demand Library, into your Weebly site and charge customers for them, by using our 'Get Embed Code'  function. Though this is not a part of the Yondo Weebly Webinar App, it will still help make the most of your Yondo experience if you are using our full service.


How to Add a Video Player into Your Weebly Website.

First, in your Yondo Dashboard go to the Video On Demand tab. 

Here, click on the action button (3 dots) on a video you would like to add to your site and select 'Get an embed code'. 


Next, copy the HTML code for the video in the text field.Screen_Shot_2020-05-06_at_4.58.34_pm.png

Go into your Weebly Page Editor and add an 'Embed Code' by dragging and dropping the element where you would like the player to appear to your site. 

Click on the element and select 'Edit Custom HTML'. This will open up the text field where you will paste your HTML code. Once the code has been added, simply click out of the box to apply the code to the element. 

Note** The player may not appear in the editor mode of Weebly. The player will appear on your published site even if it is not visible in the editor.  


Video's On Your Weebly Website:

If your video has a price and a customer clicks on the video player on your Weebly page, they will be prompted to either rent or subscribe to your video, depending on how you are selling your videos. 

If you have a preview video associated with your video, they will be able to watch the preview before being prompted to make a purchase.  

If your video is available for free, customers will be able to view your video at any time on your Weebly website. 

Our integration team can also do this and other integration tasks for you for a nominal fee. Contact our support team for pricing at

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