How do I create a Call-to-Action Panel

A Call To Action Panel is a panel which you can add to your Live 1-to-1 session, Videos On Demand, and Webinars to prompt your clients to make a purchase, watch a video, or navigate to a link, among many other uses.

1. To create your Call To Action Panel, first click on the Call To Action tab, under "More". 

2. Click on "Add Call To Action" to bring up the Edit Call To Action screen.

3. Give your Call To Action:

  • A Name - This is the title and will not appear on the panel
  • A Heading - This is will appear on the panel as at the top. 
  • An Image or Video - Choose a visual aid to add to your panel
  • Text - This is a more in-depth text that will appear in the panel under the image/video
  • URL - This is the link the panel's button will take you to. If left blank the button will not appear. 
  • Button Text - This is the text that will read on the button. 
  • Button Color
  • Background Color

4. Click save changes and it will now appear on your dashboard. 

To learn how to use a Call To Action panel, Please refer to our support guide on How to Use a Call To Action Panel

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