How to setup your Store Settings and select a Store Template

Store Settings

Step 1: Store Information

First, navigate to the left-side menu bar and select Store Settings.


Add the Store Name 

Select the Country where your store is based.

Select the Currency - Depending on your location, you can select the currency you would like to display. 

** Please note, your currency needs to match the currency you selected in your "Payment Gateway".

Enter a Reply-To Email (Optional) - This is the email address that replies to your automatic system emails will be sent.


Your Store

This option will allow you to make your store public and allow customers to start purchasing your content. This listing must be turned to 'Online' for your listings to be available for purchase in general.  


Public Online Store

With Yondo, you are able to utilize your very own branded website bundled with your account. With the Online Store option, you can choose if you want to make these pages visible here.

Enabling your pages will make your Yondo Hosted Pages available for your customers to access.

If you disable your website, all webpages for your offerings will not be visible to the public however you can still use embed codes to integrate with an external site.


Step 2: Store Content

These details will appear on your store's landing page. 

Enter your "About" details - This is displayed on your store's home page. If you already have your own "About Us" page on your website, you may leave this section empty and it will not be displayed on your store's home page at all.

Edit your Portfolio items (Optional) - The portfolio essentially shows the achievements associated with your Store and it can be helpful to attract more customers. The portfolio is displayed on your Store’s home page.

Step 3: Edit the Store Styling

This is where you can alter your store's appearance to match your preferences. 

Add your logo - There are 2 available logo sizes:

  1. regular (4 x 3) aspect ratio with a minimum upload size of 400 x 300 pixels and
  2. wide (3 x 1) aspect ratio with a minimum upload size of 600 x 200 pixels.

Select your preferred logo size and upload a logo image. You can crop the logo image if necessary. If you do not upload either a regular or a wide logo, then your store name will be displayed.

Add your banner (Optional). - Upload a banner image (minimum upload size: 1170 x 293 pixels) that will be displayed on your store's home page. It can be helpful to improve the look and feel of your store.

Add your favicon. - Upload a favicon which will appear as your store icon in a browser tab and bookmarks. Please refer to How to create and add a favicon


Step 4: Live 1-to-1 Settings

Select the Booking Cut off Time - This is a setting that only applies to live sessions and it represents the number of hours in advance that you wish to accept a session booking. 

Select the Cancellation/Reschedule Cut-off Time - This is a setting that only applies to live sessions and it represents the number of hours in advance that your customers will be able to reschedule or cancel a session with you. 


Step 5: Playlist/Course Settings

In this section, you will choose what you would like to call your Playlist/Courses on your Yondo hosted pages. You have the option to call these groups of videos: 

  • Playlist
  • Course
  • Category
  • Collection
  • Album


Step 6: Save the Settings and View Your Store

After finishing all of the steps, click the "Save" button in the bottom right corner of the page, to complete your set-up. 


To view your store, click the Visit link, found at the top left corner.


Selecting a Template

Step 1: Select a Template

Navigate to your Yondo Dashboard and under the Configuration section of the left-side menu, select Store Settings then Store Template.

There are 2 sets of templates to select from:

  1. Live Video Call & Video On Demand
  2. Video On Demand Only. Select the template that best suits your needs. If you are providing Live Video Call Sessions only, the recorded video section will not be displayed. Do not select a Video On Demand only template if you intend to list Live Video Call Session.

Template_Page.pngStep 2: Confirm a Selected Template and View Your Store

View your store - To view your store, click the visit link on the top left corner of the page.


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