How to set your payment settings using PayPal

Yondo now offers the ability to use PayPal as your payment gateway to enable your store website to accept customer credit cards and subscriptions during checkout.

To begin, navigate to your Yondo Dashboard and select "Payment Settings" on the left side navigation bar, under Store Settings.

Next, Configure your Payment Gateway. Yondo uses Stripe and PayPal as the Payment Gateway. You can only choose one.

If you would like to use PayPal fill in the fields provided with your PayPal email, your first name, and your last name. 


*** It is important to note that if you are using a personal PayPal account, versus a business account, you will not be able to sell videos on a monthly subscription basis. Selling one time rentals, Live 1-to-1 Sessions, and Webinars will still be allowed.  

You can check the "Test Mode" box to make sure your account is able to by added to Yondo, but we recommend you leave the box unchecked. 

Once you enter your account information, click "Use Paypal account" and your store will be ready to accept payments. 

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