How to Create a Video Course or Playlist

You can now build Video Playlists where you can group videos together to stream freely or sell as rentals, include in your monthly subscription, and now, one time purchases. With this tool, you can create video courses, categorize your videos, and create specific collections of videos to make it easier to navigate between videos. 

To create a Video Playlist, you will need to navigate to the Playlist tab under Video Library in the Navigation bar of the left of your dashboard, then click "Create a new playlist".


Next you will give your Playlist a Title, Thumbnail Image, Description in the About section.


Next click on the "Videos" tab in the edit screen to add your videos to your playlist and organize it with different sections.


To add your videos click "Add Videos". A window will appear with a list of the current videos in your Video Library as well as an "Upload Videos" button in the top right corner of the window. Click on all of the videos you want to add to your playlist to select them and click on "OK" to add them. 


You can also add videos not currently on your Video Library by clicking the Upload Videos button in the top corner of the window. The Upload Video screen will appear where you can add your videos to Yondo by dragging and dropping the files into the uploader or using the browse function. 


Note** Depending on the size of your video and the speed of your Internet connection, your video may take just a few minutes to upload or much longer; if the file is large or you are using a slower internet connection. You may take this time to edit the Video Information in the Video Library section of Yondo.

For more information on how to set up your Videos on Demand, please refer to our support article on How to Set up Your Video On Demand.   

Once uploading has been completed, Yondo will prompt you to refresh the dashboard and the video will begin the Video Encoding Process. This is a process of converting uploaded videos into a digital format that is compatible with the Yondo Web Player. Screen_Shot_2020-04-29_at_9.55.40_pm.png

This process may also take some time, depending on the size of your video file. 

Once you have added all of your videos to the playlist, you can arrange them into the specific order you would like them to be viewed, by clicking on the three dots to the left of the video listing and dragging the video up or down.


You can also divide your videos in a given playlist into specific sections. This can be done by clicking on the "Add Section" button and giving your section a title.  Again move your section dividers around by clicking on the three dots to the left of the listing and dragging the section divider up or down.Screen_Shot_2020-04-29_at_9.49.49_pm.png

Next, click on the Pricing tab to bring up the pricing options, where you will see 3 options: Purchase, Rental, Subscription.  

  • The Purchase option will allow your customers to purchase the playlist for a one-time fee that you set. 
  • The Rental option will allow you to offer your playlist to customers for a given amount of time that you choose and at a price you set.

Pro Tip** You can also set the Purchase or Rental price as free, to gather customer information from your viewers while offering your playlist at no cost to build marketing lists or conduct market research. 

  • The monthly subscription option will allow all customers that subscribe to your video services to access your playlist. For additional help setting up your Video Subscriptions, please visit our guide on Setting Up Your Yondo Video Subscriptions.


Choose how you would like to sell your videos by clicking the switch next to the option to green. You can select any, all, or none of the options to customize how you would like to offer the playlist. Now when a customer arrives at the playlist listing they will be prompted to make a purchase before gaining access to your video content.

If you have all of the pricing options turned off,  the playlist will play freely.

Note** If you are offering a single video for sale in the Video Library section and included it in your playlist, it will not add a cost to the video playlist if you are offering the playlist for free.


You can also choose how you would like the Call to Actions in your videos to appear by clicking on the Settings tab. Your call to Actions can be created in the Call to Actions page under the '+More' tab and set in your individual video settings. For more information on our Call to Action Feature, please refer to our articles on How do I create a Call-to-Action Panel and How to use your Call-to-Action Panel.

You can select:

On - To have your videos always show their End Cards that you set in the video settings.

Off - So that the Video End Cards never appear,

Off when purchased - So that your videos hide their call to action's when the playlist has been purchased.


Lastly, click "Save Changes" to save the playlist and head to your store to view your listing.




You can also edit what you want to call your playlists on your online store. To change this, click on the change name link next to Playlist at the top of your Playlist dashboard. You will be redirected to your Store Settings where you can choose to call your playlists: 

  • Courses
  • Categories
  • Collections
  • Albums
  • Playlists


Click "Save Changes" to apply these settings to your store. 



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