How do I share my Video Courses & Playlists

You can now build Video Courses and Playlists where you can group videos together to stream freely or sell as rentals, include in your monthly subscription, and now, one time purchases. With this tool, you can create video courses, categorize your videos, and create specific collections of videos to make it easier to navigate between videos. 

You can share these playlists by embedding them into your own website and sharing the public URL with others. 


Embedding Your Playlist

To embed the Playlist player into your own site, click on the Actions Dropdown (three vertical dots) on the right of the playlist and select "Get embed code".

A window will appear with two tabs at the top: Embed Code and Public URL. Click on embed code, copy the code in the text field and paste it into your website where you would the Playlist to appear. 

If you would like your embedded video player to stay the same width on your page, pick the 'Fixed Width' option,

If you would like to have your video player respond to the width of the window your customer is viewing your video on, choose the 'Responsive' option


Information about HTTPS websites*** If your website uses HTTPS (SSL) and you are using an alias domain for your Yondo website, you must substitute the alias domain in the embed code with your Yondo subdomain. For example, my Yondo alias is, then I must find and replace this text in the embed code with This is because only secure embed codes will be loaded on a secure site.


Sharing Your Playlist URL

To share your playlist via the public URL follow the same steps as above and select the Public URL tab at the top of the window. Your playlist will need to be Published for the system to generate your Public URL.

Copy the URL and send it to your customers via email, or add it to your site to direct your customers to your playlist on your Yondo online store. 



For more information on how to build your Video Playlists, please refer to our article on Creating Your Video Playlist.


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