How can I reschedule a sessions with a client after my reschedule/cancelation cut-off

In this article we will go over how you can reschedule and cancel sessions with your customers after the reschedule/cancelation cut-off time you set in your Live 1-to-1 settings. 

The reschedule and cancelation cut-off times allow you to limit how long before a session a customer can reschedule or cancelation it. Occasionally you will have the need to reschedule or cancel a session after your reschedule/cancelation cut-off has passed for any number of reasons. While your customers are not able to initiate a reschedule or cancelation after this time, you as an admin can reschedule and cancel sessions after the cut-off time. You can also use these methods to simply reschedule or cancel a session on your own behalf. 

To do this first you will need to go to your booking calendar under your Live 1-to-1 tab. 


Next find the session you would like to reschedule or cancel and click on the calendar event. 



With will bring up a the session options you have in your booking calendar, including Start Now, Reschedule, and Cancel. 


If you would like to reschedule your session, click "Reschedule" button. 

A window will appear where you will be able to schedule the session for a time of your choosing or allow your customer to choose another time from you availability. 


If you would like to choose the rescheduled date and time, make sure the "Choose New Time" option is selected and simply enter the date and time in the field below. Then click the red "Yes, reschedule this session" button.


If you would like to let your customer choose the rescheduled date and time, make sure the "Let Customer Choose" option is selected.  There you will be able to enter a message to your customer to be sent to them and then click the red "Yes, reschedule this session" button.


If you could like to Cancel a session with a customer, click the "Cancel" button.

The cancel window will pop up and you will need to enter a reason for the cancelation. Next click the red "Yes, cancel the session" button. 


Your session will then be canceled. 






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