Do I need to make my Yondo Store public to sell offerings?

Yondo gives you your very own online store pages that you can use to sell your different listings and videos. That being said, you can sell your different products outside of your Yondo Stores.

There are many ways to integrate Yondo into your own website including embed codes for videos, webinar registration forms, and 1-to-1 book now buttons. For more information on how to Integrate Yondo with your own website, please visit our article on How would I best integrate my Yondo site into my own website?

If you would like to make sure that your Yondo hosted pages are not available online to have customers purchase through, you can disable your pages in your Store Settings. 

To do this, first, navigate to your Store Settings and go to the Store Information Tab. Screen_Shot_2020-04-17_at_5.23.24_pm.png

Near the bottom of the tab, you will see an option that says Your Store. This listing must be turned to 'Online' for your listings to be available for purchase in general. 

When turned online, you will see another switch appear under Public Website. This switch will allow you to turn on or off your Yondo hosted pages.


If the switch is Disabled,  your website and all webpages for your offerings will not be visible to the public, however, you can still use embed codes to integrate with an external site.

If the switch is Enabled, your Store will allow customers to access your Yondo hosted pages, including listing landing pages, to view and purchases your offerings. 


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