How to set up dual payment gateways on your store

In this article we will go over how to set up dual payment gateways for your store so that you can accept payments via both PayPal or credit card.


To get things started, you will need to navigate to your payment settings of your store. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the “Settings” section of your dashboard, and selecting “payment settings” from the drop down menu.


Once you are in your payment settings, you will see the two payment gateways you are able to use to accept payments, PayPal and Stripe. In this example we are going to set up PayPal first. Click on PayPal to bring up the PayPal options. 

Make sure your PayPal details are filled in correctly or make any adjustments if necessary. 

Click “Save PayPal Settings” to confirm and save the changes made to your PayPal settings. 

Next you will need to set the option to use PayPal as a payment gateway to enabled. Simply click the switch to enable or disable PayPal as a payment gateway.


Now you will need to do the same thing for stripe. Set the option to use stripe as a payment gateway to enabled. You will need to make sure you have a connected stripe account to accept payments via credit card. The support article here will show you how to connect stripe to your Yondo account.

Once you have both payment gateways set up and have enabled them in your payment settings you will be ready to accept both PayPal payments and credit card payments from your customers.




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