How to upgrade your Yondo trial to an active account.

In this article, we will discuss how you will be able to complete the checkout process and upgrade your Yondo account from a trial to a paid account.

You can begin the upgrade process through your trial by either clicking on the Upgrade Now button near the top of your page or by going to your account settings at the bottom of your navigation bar on the left and clicking the Change Plan on the button at the top of the screen.


You may also be brought to the Upgrade screen by logging into your Yondo account after your Free Trial has expired.

First, you will be prompted to choose the plan that you would like to proceed with.

Please visit our Pricing Page for more details on the price of these plans.

If you are looking for a plan with options for more Videos, users/team members, or other customizations, you may want to inquire about our Enterprise Plan or Platform Plan. To learn more about this plan, please reach out to our team at

Choose your plan by clicking on the blue ‘Choose Plan’ button and you will then be brought to the payment page.

Here you will enter your credit card information and billing address, then select the Billing Cycle option that you would like to be charged (Monthly or Annually). Lastly, click on ‘Confirm Changes’ at the bottom.


You will now be brought to the purchase confirmation screen and have completed the upgrade process with Yondo.

 If you need any help with getting started with Yondo, please check out our support article on Getting Started with Yondo.

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