Video Upload Troubleshooting

There are many factors that can impact a video in the upload process such as the speed of your internet connection and its stability. Sometimes the internet connection can be dropped or interrupted which causes the upload to fail. To rectify this, you have a few options here which I'll outline below.

1. Try uploading the same video file again from a new browser session. The Yondo Video Uploader will try to resume where it left off.


2. If this doesn't work, try deleting the video from your video library, renaming the video file on your computer, and uploading it again as a brand new video. Ensure your internet connection is on a stable fast connection and not a mobile connection. Leave your browser window open, set your computer to not sleep/suspend and wait for the upload to finish.


3. If this still fails, you can try our Dropbox uploader which creates a folder in your Dropbox account and you simply move the video to upload into this folder and it will be synced with your Yondo account.


4. Lastly, verify the size of the video: this may be also be one of the reasons your video is having difficulties uploading.
Several apps can help you to reduce the size and format of your video. We recommend an external software (miro video convert) that you can use for any video type.


Although we accept just about any video and audio codecs, frame rates, bitrates, resolutions, and aspect ratios, some settings will result in a better experience. Please review our Video Compression Guidelines. We recommend the mp4 format, for excellent resolution and size.

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